Monday, June 7, 2010

Tonight, we shall have peas!

Sugar snap peas, that is! Freshly picked from my garden!

I think I'm going to give these guys a quick stir-fry and have them with some rice! YUM!!


debi said...

Wow! San Diego is way ahead of Sacramento, or maybe it's just me, lol! I haven't even gotten a tomato plant in this year. From the looks of my summer, I'm not going to get to it, :{ How do you keep up with everything?

José said...


Here in Portugal we eat them alot with red pepperoni, bacon or salt porc fat and poached eggs.
You know what I also like alot and had recently ?
Broad beans soup (with rice in it, I like soup with rice or noodles).
If gives alot of trouble because besides removing them from the pod, one has obviously to remove the peel.

Best regards,


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